New Products

Pulsar Rok - Neptune

PU V556 - Pulsar

Pulsar Rok Vaporizer - Neptune


Limited Edition Dab Rig - Neptune Go deep with the RöK Neptune! This limited edition release of Pulsar's best-selling portable dab rig promises rolling waves of flavour with an aquatic...

Grindhouse King Kut Electric Grinder

GH GR606 - Grindhouse

Grindhouse King Kut Electric Grinder


Electronic Cannabis Grinder The Grindhouse King Kut offers you a powerful new way to get your grind on. Users can eliminate the mess that usually comes with grinding by shredding directly into the...

Yocan Apex Vaporizer

YO APEX - Yocan

Yocan Apex Dual Quartz Vaporizer


Affordable Concentrate Vape Pens The Yocan Apex wax pen is a discreet new concentrate vape pen for users on the go! The Apex Features the Armor Quartz Dual Coil and Armor Coil Cap, which were...

Puffco Plus Vaporizer - Vision Series

VAP-PFC-001 - Puffco

Puffco Plus Vaporizer - Vision Series


Wholesale Portable Dab Pens The Puffco Plus leads the industry by having the largest ceramic chamber, eliminating the need to refill after the first few draws. Puffco Plus makes vast improvements...

Leopard Skin Crystal Pipe

CRY 0041 - Miscellaneous

Leopard Skin Crystal Pipe


Gemstone Hand Pipe These handmade crystal pipes feature polished Leopard Skin Crystal. The pipe includes a carb on the left and a removable screen bowl. Crystal pipes are...

Pulsar Rok Alchemist Vaporizer

PU V555 - Pulsar

Pulsar Rok Vaporizer - The Alchemist


Limited Edition Dab Rig - The Alchemist For a limited time only get the Pulsar RöK Alchemist edition. Sporting a new golden body for a premium regal style, The Alchemist is a welcome...

Pulsar petite pocket cart rig bubblers

PU SA2579 - Pulsar

Pulsar 5" Petite Pocket Cartridge Bubbler


Concentrate Vape Pen Bubbler Attachment  These petite pocket cart rig bubblers add an extra level of water filtration to your vape cartridge producing the true flavour of your extracts...

Featured Products

  • Grav 3.25” Pinch Spoon

    GRAV SP.PN - Grav

    Grav 3.25” Pinch Spoon


    Pinch Spoon Pipe 3.25" GRAV® Pinch Spoon with recessed carb and pinched mouthpiece. Hand Pipe Features: Length Height: 3.25" Use With: Dry Herb Carb: On The Right Designed By: Stephan...

  • GRAV LK.GF - Grav

    8" Gandalf by Grav Labs


    8" Stem Pipe Complicated times call for deep thoughts in smoky silence. Consider every path and weigh every option with your trusted 8" Gandalf Pipe made on 44mm tubing with classic carb and...


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