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  • Accessories

    From Trimmers to Snuffers we have everything you need to take your candle burning to the next level.

  • Candle Holders
  • Earthly Body Candles

    Earthly Body has been creating high quality natural skin products since 1994. Celebrated for their leading-edge hemp-based body and skin care offerings, Earthly Body is now acclaimed for their specifically blended formulas that moisturize, soften and enrich the skin.

  • Wax, Wick & Flame

    An abundance of incredible, clean burning and smelling soy wax candles, a great way to add fragerance to any room.

  • Wax, Wick & Flame Wax...

    Check out our extensive stock of long lasting wax melts with aromatic scent throw. Each pack contains 6 wax bars.

  • Wild Berry Candles

    Stunning aromas that can create warmth and atmosphere in any space. With a vast array of blends your guaranteed to find a scent that works for you!

  • Smoke Odor

    Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles - Sugar Skull Each candle weighs 13 oz. and will burn for approximately 70 hours.These fragrant candles make wonderful gifts even for non-smokers! Check out all of our great scents!

  • Cannabolish
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Showing 1 - 6 of 179 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 179 items