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Dispensary Solutions


Dispensary Solutions

Allow us to do the heavy lifting with regard to ancillary cannabis solutions.  From responsible, lockable storage to custom branded packaging and promotional products, we help licensed producers and dispensary owners focus on their true passion while we take care of the rest.

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  • Vaporizers

    Interested in buying a vaporizer? We've got you covered! Vaporizers heat and "bake" your herb or bring your concentrates to a boiling point instead of burning, meaning you ingest fewer carcinogens. Vapes are also known to be far more efficient, which means you can achieve desired results while using less product.

    Looking for something portable?  Check out our extensive line of Kandypens, Pulsar, Randy's and much more!  For something more substantial look into table-top models such as the popular Volcano. 

  • Rolling

    Everyone has their favorite way to roll and each style of rolling requires unique product preferences.  Thin papers, thick, king size, hemp, rice, gummed....The list is substantial but we most certainly have what you're looking for. 

    Like it all natural? Check our Pure Hemp line of eco-friendly hemp rolling papers. Want a little flavor to combat the smokey taste? Juicy Jays are just what the doctor ordered. You can't go wrong with classic flavors like Kiwi and Strawberry but if you are feeling particularly adventurous or just want to eventually try them all, more obscure flavors like Absinth and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough may be up your alley. A Cookie flavoured puff? Count me in!

    Beyond the paper, we fill out our selection with prime smoking accessories and rolling equipment. A roll matt can help you maintain consistency, quality tips are critical for most rolls and our pre-made rolling cones allow you to skip the whole "Rolling" process altogether.

  • Grinders

    Premium Grinders - From American made champions such as Cali Crusher Homegrown and Santa Cruz Shredder to meticulously designed must-haves from Grav Labs, Ryot, Grindhouse and SharpStone, we have what you need to create perfect consistency for your dry herbs everytime.  A must have tool for any smoker, Herb Grinders are the perfect accessory to go with your favourite vaporizer, pipe or hand rolled... 

  • Storage
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Showing 1 - 6 of 1459 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 1459 items