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  • Futurola
    Futurola was born from Futurola Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in 1996. Growing and evolving to exceed industry standards, Futurola has developed a world-class product line of rolling + smoking accessories for everyone from consumers to producers.
    Futurola – The Future of Rolling™
  • Cones®

    So what’s so special about these pre-rolled paper cones? Established in 1994, Cones®, the original paper cone, is Europe’s most popular brand of ultrathin, high quality, smoking papers. Created in Amsterdam and still the preferred cone in Europe, Cones has had widespread success worldwide. Made using the highest quality of both original and unbleached rice paper, Cones are all natural. These pre-rolled paper cones come in different sizes. All you have to do is fill them up and enjoy!

  • Raw

    RAW Cones are made for both people who smoke a lot, and people that want an easier way to roll. RAW cones revolutionized the smoking industry because they’re much MUCH faster and easier to fill and use than a normal rolling paper (unless you’re that badass dude who can roll with one hand while driving). Sure they’re great for people that aren’t good rollers but they’re also perfect for those of us who smoke a lot and don’t have time to roll 10+ every day!

    RAW Cones come in a LOT of styles and sizes to fit your individual smoking preferences.

  • Cyclones

    Cyclones Cones are the most popular pre-rolled smoking cones available to buy. First coming onto the market in 2003 they were an instant success as they had never been available as pre-rolled cones before.  Cyclones Cones use an innovative pre-rolled cone shape which is designed for easy use as well as giving their customers a great tasting product where your last puff is as good as your first. Cyclones are always bringing out new and exciting products including the new double wrapped cone, providing an extra slow burn but with all the great taste you have come to expect from Cyclone.