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From high-quality Water Pipes to Herbal and Concentrate Vaporizers, B.O.B. HEADQUARTERS INC is your source for premium Smoking Products and Accessories in Canada. 

* Please Note: Many of the products are not always as pictured and may vary in shape and/or colour so please ensure that specific requests, such as colour and size preferences are cl...

From high-quality Water Pipes to Herbal and Concentrate Vaporizers, B.O.B. HEADQUARTERS INC is your source for premium Smoking Products and Accessories in Canada. 

* Please Note: Many of the products are not always as pictured and may vary in shape and/or colour so please ensure that specific requests, such as colour and size preferences are clearly indicated with your notes upon checkout.


Smoking There are 5237 products.


  • Water Pipes

    A diverse collection of water pipes and rigs, from Grav Labs, Glass Lab 303, Emerald Triangle, Pulsar, Empire, Infyniti and Hoss, among others. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse range of offerings, certain to please.

    * Please Note: Many of the products are not always as pictured and may vary in shape and/or colour so please ensure that specific requests such as colour and size preferences are clearly indicated with your notes upon checkout.

  • Vaporizers

    Vaporizers, also known as "vapes," are considered by many to be a healthy alternative to traditional smoking methods. Vapes use convection or conduction (and in some cases a combination of both) technology to "vaporize" your materials rather than relying on combustion, which creates smoke. Even the most natural rolling papers and cigar wraps add more materials to your herbs and tobacco smoke than you might desire. Vaporization, on the other hand, allows you to inhale pure vapor from herbs or oils to achieve the maximum effect. Vaporizers prevent combustion from occurring, which releases toxic components as a byproduct. Instead, vaporization converts the contents of dry herbs into the gas phase without generating unwanted byproducts. Vapes allow you to smoke without any worry about your health, and they are often technologically advanced. Our vaporizer collection features a variety of premium brands such as Arizer, Storz & Bickel, DaVinci, and more. These brands provide a broad selection of vaporizers for multiple materials, including dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vapes, dual-use vaporizers, and e-liquid vapes. DankStop's large collection also includes vapes of all sizes, including handheld vapes, vape pens, and desktop vaporizers. These vaporizers are manufactured with top of the line components; whether they are oven chambers for dry herbs, atomizers for concentrates, or whip and balloon attachments for vaporizers of the desktop variety.

    As for the desktop vaporizers in this collection, the Volcano by Storz and Bickel is one of the best choices. You can choose between the Classic Volcano and the Digital Volcano. However, both of these Volcanoes are extremely functional and durable. These high-class vaporizers have everything you could ask for in a desktop vaporizer. First and foremost, the temperature is adjustable. You can set the temperature between 266°F and 446°F, depending on the efficiency with which you would like to vape. If you want to vape with maximum efficiency, we recommend beginning your vaping session with a low temperature. As your dry herbs are vaporized, gradually increase the temperature. This will ensure that your herbs are being vaporized at the most optimal efficiency level. Another great characteristic of the Volcano is its balloon bag compatibility. Instead of inhaling from a whip, this vaporizer fills a balloon bag with all the vapor. The balloon bag is a very convenient way to vape. You just need to hook it onto the top of the vape, then turn on the vaporizer. As the dry herbs heat up, the vapor flows directly into the bag until it is full. Once the entire volume of the bag has been filled with vapor, turn off the vape and remove the bag. The balloon bag is designed so that no vapor escapes unless you inhale from the mouthpiece. Tying the entire vaporizer together, the vape is handcrafted using German technology. It even comes with a 3-year warranty. While the Volcano is an amazing desktop vaporizers for dry herbs, it is also compatible with concentrates. It's all the best functionality put into one vape. Other than the Volcano Vaporizer, there are a couple other desktop vaporizers that stand out from the crowd. One of those vaporizers is the V-Tower Vaporizer, which uses a whip as opposed to the balloon bag. This vaporizer has a built-in LCD screen that displays your temperature. It also includes many necessary and convenient accessories, such as glass cyclone bowl for waxes. It also comes with a glass stirring tool, as well as steel filter screens. Last but not least, the vaporizers comes with a glass bowl for dry herbs. Apart from the V-Tower Vaporizer and the Volcano, there is one more desktop vaporizer that is nearly unparalleled: the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Like the V-Tower Vaporizer, the Silver Surfer uses a draw whip. It uses a ceramic heating element, and possesses a durable construction. It even has a customized glass knob and heater cover, which utilize worked glass to create a colorful effect. Use the custom knob to adjust the temperature on the vape. For a dry herb desktop vaporizer, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a great choice.

    Portable vaporizers are becoming extremely popular, and this collection has an abundance of them. One of the best portable vaporizers we offer is the PAX 2. It is compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. Not only is it small and compact for portability, but is also compatible with a software application. This application allows you to download unique settings to your PAX. You'll be hard pressed to find another vape with a compatible software application! Apart from the PAX 3 dual-use vaporizer, there are other vapes that are worth noting. Check out the Magic Flight Launch Box, which is an absolute classic dry herb vaporizer. The Magic Flight Launch Vaporizer is discreet, portable, and highly artistic in design. The vaporizer is shaped like a rectangle, and fits in the palm of your hand. The body of the vape is made completely of wood, and has an engraving of an inspiring poem on the back. You can purchase the MFLB in original maple, premium cherry, or premium walnut. The vape has a plastic top, which can swivel 360° around. This top allows you to freely open and close the heating chamber, and is capable of safely securing all dry herbs within. Last but certainly not least, the Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer is a great concentrate vaporizer to consider. The Galaxy Vaporizer hits the mark on all ends. It possesses an elegant design, and is equipped with impressive technology. For starters, the pen has a temperature controlled battery so you can vape at your preferred heat level. Secondly, the titanium coils in the atomizer are outstanding at retaining and transferring heat to the concentrates. As we mentioned, this portable vaporizer hits the mark on all ends; it's design is not an exception. The Galaxy Vaporizer comes in multiple colors: black sparkle, glossy black, pink, purple, red, rubber black, turquoise, white, limited edition chrome, limited edition gold, limited edition gun metal, and limited edition rose gold. 

  • Grinders

    Premium Grinders - From American made champions such as Cali Crusher Homegrown and Santa Cruz Shredder to meticulously designed must-haves from Grav Labs, Ryot, Grindhouse and SharpStone, we have what you need to create perfect consistency for your dry herbs everytime.  A must have tool for any smoker, Herb Grinders are the perfect accessory to go with your favourite vaporizer, pipe or hand rolled... 

  • Detox

    A vast array of detoxification products to rid your body of unwanted toxins. Shop now and be one step closer to a cleaner healthier body!

  • Storage

    The importance of reliable storage solutions is obvious on many levels, which is why we have done the heavy lifting to ensure a wide variety of products that provide everything from simple protection for your beloved piece of glass to lockable, smell proof vaults, ensuring security and discretion.  Our focus on quality and unparalleled variety is sure to please...

  • Fresh Air

    Eww what's that smell? Find the best odor eliminating products to ensure your space is always fresh! 

    Smoke Buddy - Smokebuddy is your life-saving air filter. Simply exhale your smoke into this amazing filtration device and odorless air comes out the other end, keeping second-hand smoke away from your loved ones.  Smoke where you want, when you want, without anyone knowing.

    Orange Chronic Spray -   Your nose will thank you for the citrus treat provided by your 'Smoke Out' air freshener! Just one quick squirt will leave any room or car smelling like a freshly sliced orange. Extracted from delicious California oranges, this non-aerosol spray is made of all natural products.

    Smoke Odor Spray - Smoke Odor Sprays are enzyme-formulated sprays designed to tackle and remove odour caused by everything from cigars, cigarettes and pipes, to rotting eggs or sour feet.  Available in a variety of fragrances, including Creamy Vanilla, Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa, Rasta Love and more, you are sure to find one best suited for your environment.

  • Cleaners

    Who doesn't want a pristine clean bong? Besides the obvious, aesthetic reasons of not having gross resin covering your piece, there are some health benefits to keeping things clean.  Regular upkeep on your bong will not only make your piece last longer but your smoke will taste better and your lungs will thank you.  

    Check out Rez Block or Piece Water if you want a little preemptive cleaning, Orange Chronic, and Randy's will help a bong that is a little worse for wear. 

    If you smoke out of a handpipe, stop using random skinny things that you found lying on your coffee table to clean it out — we have pipe cleaners too! They're not just for bending into funny little shapes and fake mustaches, they actually fit into the air hole and down through the bottom of the bowl to unclog buildup and get your pipe working again just like new! When your handpipe is clean, that first inhale will take you back to the first time you ever used it. Ahhh...

  • Light It Up

    Your buds, bud.

    You're not going to get very far with your fancy new pipes without one of these bad boys. We stock a giant collection of basic lighters and butane torches for those looking to really heat things up.  

    Looking for a natural alternative? 

    Want to avoid gas in your buds? Try Hemp wick a natural alternative to lighting a bowl straight from a lighter. Simply light the end and tilt to control the flame and use it to ignite your buds or tobacco. 

    Electronic Smoking

    The future is now! For the old-fashioned smoking, gurus kick your self into the 21st century with an electronic lighter. Windproof, rechargeable and ready at a click of a button... Smoke anywhere anytime just make sure no one "borrows" this like all those old Bic lighters that seem to go missing on you. 


    Unless you want your new butane torch to be a fancy paperweight you're going to need to fuel up, We offer everything form STOK and Wh!p It Butane to Puretane and Vector. Everything and anything you need to keep that baby burning all night long. 

  • Hand Pipes

    * Please Note: Many of the products are not always as pictured and may vary in shape and/or color so please ensure that specific requests such as color and size preferences are clearly indicated with your notes upon checkout.

    Hand pipes, sometimes known as spoons, Sherlocks, one-hitters or bubblers depending on their style are one of the oldest ways to smoke legal herbs or tobacco.

    Unlike the average water pipe or bong, glass pipes do not require water to function, all you need is a decent pair of lungs and a good olé fashion lighter, may we suggest some Clippers? To light your herbs and you’re all set.

    Hand pipes are typically smaller and more portable than some other smoking options, like hookahs and bongs so they fit easily in the palm of your hand. "That's probably why they are called Hand Pipes eh?" This makes smoking on the go a breeze as you can conceal it in your pocket, purse or backpack.

    If you're in the market we highly recommend, Erbanna, Skunk or Stash Logix depending on your preference. 

    This isn't to say that you should only buy a hand pipe if you are a traveler/adventurer always on the move. Many People enjoy the strong hit you can get from using a hand pipe for traditional smoking as a way to kick back on the couch or designated hooting chair and wind down after a stressful day. 

    So What kind of Pipe Should you get? Let's dive into the different types.

    Spoon Pipes

    An aptly named pipe really, spoon pipes are named after their shape. You guessed it a Spoon! A more traditional style of pipe, Spoons usually feature a bowl, shotgun/carb, site, and mouthpiece. 

    Sherlock Pipes

    It's Elementary my dear Watson. Sherlock pipes are the iconic piece that Mr.Holmes himself smoked from, on his many fantastic adventures. NOw you can have some of your own, dawn that ridiculous deerstalker cap and solve some mysteries of your own. Like who finished off the stash amirite? With the perfect draw and class, Sherlock pipes are the perfect mixture of practicality and sophistication. 

    One-Hitters and Chillums

    The old hit it and quit it type eh? Ha, we jest we jest one-hitter and chillums are the even more portable version of there spoon counterparts. Smoke like a Ganja with the power and discreetness of these tiny pipes. Chillums and One-Hitters are usually simple straight tubes meant for a personal sized bowl. So move outta the way and get your own Bobby! ANyone who just wants a simple and efficient way to smoke without a bunch of fancy bells and whistles need look no further.


    Wait you said they didn't require water! Ya well... If you've read this far please pardon us MOST hand pipes do not require water for their optimal smoking experience. But the benefits of water filtration found in Bongs is prevalent in bubblers as well. Usually smaller than a regular water pipe bubblers differentiate themselves with their built-in bowls, miniature stature while still allowing the user to add water to throw a little filtration into their smoking game without dealing with a bulky piece.

    Now it's up to you to find your perfect pipe mate and what better day than Valentine's day to find your dream piece? Remember every order today with the code loveHQ receives a 14% discount! Enjoy the rest of your day with your significant other or look forward to tomorrow when chocolate goes 70% and stock up for the weekend!


  • Concentrates

    With concentrate smoking becoming more popular, we have a top quality selection of rigs, dabbers, and vapes for everyone to enjoy! Find the perfect smoking device for you!

  • Pinch Hitters

    The go-to smoke tool for those constantly on the move. Commonly referred to as a "dugout", satisfied owners  can proudly show off their pocket sized pipe and storage in one compact, portable package.

    The swivel or slide top ensures everything stays put and once open, the spring loaded bat immediately rises for instant access. Great for your pocket, purse or any other secret spot. 

  • Rolling

    Everyone has their favorite way to roll and each style of rolling requires unique product preferences.  Thin papers, thick, king size, hemp, rice, gummed....The list is substantial but we most certainly have what you're looking for. 

    Like it all natural? Check our Pure Hemp line of eco-friendly hemp rolling papers. Want a little flavor to combat the smokey taste? Juicy Jays are just what the doctor ordered. You can't go wrong with classic flavors like Kiwi and Strawberry but if you are feeling particularly adventurous or just want to eventually try them all, more obscure flavors like Absinth and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough may be up your alley. A Cookie flavoured puff? Count me in!

    Beyond the paper, we fill out our selection with prime smoking accessories and rolling equipment. A roll matt can help you maintain consistency, quality tips are critical for most rolls and our pre-made rolling cones allow you to skip the whole "Rolling" process altogether.

  • Hookah

    Hookah Pipes generally come in three sizes (small, medium, large) and the preference often depends on the occasion but is offered in a variety of designs. They are generally made from aluminum, iron, zinc, brass, nickel or steel, to ensure durability and authenticity.  The social nature of hookah smoking, coupled with a desire for variety, has resulted in offerings ranging from single to multiple hose options.

    Multiple Hose Hookahs - are used in such occasions where more than one smoker desires to use the Hookah during the same smoking session, making it more convenient and less time-consuming.

    Single Hose Hookahs - still provide a superior smoking experience while offering the age-old customs of passing the pipe to others, careful to adhere to proper etiquette and guidelines.

  • Scales

    Rations seem to be running low? Cutting back and want to measure your daily dose? 

    Cannabis scales are a critical asset in the cannabis world, for anyone who needs to measure out their stash quickly and efficiently. No longer will you have to eyeball each joint to ensure the right amount goes in each paper. FInd the dosage that works for you and ensures you get it every time!

  • Tools

    Everone needs their tools of the trade, and smoking is no different. 

    Smokers are always looking for ways to smoke healthier, more effectively, and more efficiently. These days, it’s no secret that dabbing is the cutting edge of smoke tech. Don’t limit yourself to the bowl or banger that came with your dab rig. Take a moment to find the right fit for you and your smoking style. Here you’ll find many different variations on banger nails, carb caps, honey buckets and other accessories such as dab tools and wax and oil containers.

  • Humidity CTRL

    Nothing is worse than dried out herbs and Integra sets out to solve this problem by balancing the moisture in any container you place them in. Maintain the perfect humidity to ensure your product stays fresh and secure. Integra Boost Humidiccant is the perfect humidity control solution, preventing mold growth, extending the shelf life and preserving organoleptic qualities.

  • Other

    Need a little something to help that dry throat? Cotton Mouth Candy is a special formulation that includes a secret All-Natural ingredient used to prevent and cure dry mouth. The Cotton Mouth Candy formula was developed by a traditional Kung Fu Master who learned that certain roots and herbs help stimulate saliva. Through his learning process, he became interested in helping people that suffer from chronic dry mouth usually associated with prescription medicines or smoking. He decided to tackle the problem from an Eastern philosophy based on his training. The secret ingredient that is used penetrates the body when eaten and saliva production increases naturally, bringing a balanced and holistic approach to the problem. Relieve your cotton mouth with Cotton Mouth Candy Fruit Mix.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 5237 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 5237 items